AN02 Plough Anchor


Art No.SizeBoat Length
AN02-5.05kg/11lbup to 16'(4.8m)
AN02-7.07kg/15lbup to 23'(7m)
AN02-9.09kg/20lbup to 26'(8m)
AN02-1212kg/25lbup to 30'(9m)
AN02-1515kg/35lbup to 37'(11m)
AN02-1616kg/35.3lbup to 37'(11m)
AN02-2020kg/44lbup to 42'(13m)
AN02-2222kg/48lbup to 50'(15m)
AN02-2727kg/60lbup to 65'(19.5m)
AN02-3535kg/75lbup to 70'(21m)

The plough anchor, also known as the plow anchor, is a popular type of boat anchor used by boaters and sailors around the world. It is so named because its shape resembles a traditional plow used for farming.

The plough anchor is designed to dig into the bottom of the waterway to provide a secure hold for the boat. It has a sharp, pointed tip that helps it to penetrate the seabed and a curved, wing-shaped fluke that provides additional holding power. The fluke is designed to pivot and dig into the bottom of the waterway, and it is often made of high-strength steel to withstand the forces of wind and waves.

The plough anchor is available in a variety of sizes to match the size and weight of the boat, and it is typically made of high-strength steel or galvanized steel to prevent rust and corrosion. It is also available in different types.

The plough anchor is known for its excellent holding power in a variety of seabeds, including sand, mud, and clay. It is also relatively easy to set and retrieve, making it a popular choice for boaters and sailors.

Overall, the plough anchor is a popular and reliable choice for boaters and sailors who need a strong and effective anchor for their vessel.

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