Qingdao Yumetal New Industry Co., Ltd


Company Profile

Qingdao Yumetal New Industry Co., Ltd. is an innovative enterprise focusing on the development, production and sales of marine anchors and yacht anchors.

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    The headquarter is located in the beautiful city center of Qingdao, and the production base is located in the Jimo district with convenient transportation.

    Supply Brunswick, Walmart, Brass Pro and other world's leading yacht companies, supermarket chains and outdoor goods stores throughout the year.

    The main products are:
    folding A anchor, folding B anchor, folding aluminum anchor, danforth anchor,
    slip ring anchor,delta anchor, bruce anchor, etc. and various anchor kits, which can be equipped with ropes, floats, connecting hooks, etc., and can be customized and developed.

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    Our company is committed to establishing a complete quality control system, and has passed the quality management system ISO 9001:2015 and other certifications. A fully functional inspection and testing center has been built.

    For conventional products, we have stocks and can achieve optimal delivery. We look forward to working with you.