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The Delta anchor is a type of boat anchor that is popular among boaters and sailors around the world. It was invented by a New Zealand sailor named Peter Smith in the 1990s and is known for its excellent holding power.

The Delta anchor is a plow-style anchor that is designed to dig into the bottom of the waterway to provide a secure hold for the boat. It has a sharp, pointed tip that helps it to penetrate the seabed and a curved, wing-shaped fluke that provides additional holding power. The fluke is designed to pivot and dig into the bottom of the waterway, and it is often made of high-strength steel to withstand the forces of wind and waves.

The Delta anchor is available in a variety of sizes to match the size and weight of the boat, and it is typically made of high-strength steel or galvanized steel to prevent rust and corrosion. It is also available in different finishes, including polished stainless steel and galvanized steel.

The Delta anchor is known for its excellent holding power in a variety of seabeds, including sand, mud, and clay. It is also relatively easy to set and retrieve, making it a popular choice for boaters and sailors.

One of the advantages of the Delta anchor is its ability to set quickly and hold securely in a variety of seabeds. It is also less prone to fouling than some other types of anchors, which means that it is less likely to become tangled with debris on the seabed.

Overall, the Delta anchor is a popular and reliable choice for boaters and sailors who need a strong and effective anchor for their vessel.

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