AN54 Box Anchor


Art No.SizeBoat Length
AN54-1313lbPersonal Watercraft 10'(3m)
AN54-1919lbOffshore/Sport 18'-30'(5.5m-9m)
Cabin Cruiser to 24'(7.3m)
AN54-2525lbOffshore/Sport to 40'(12m)
Cabin Cruiser to 32'(9.8m)

box anchor is a type of boat anchor that is designed to hold a boat in place in a variety of conditions, including strong winds, currents, and rough waters. It is named for its distinctive box-like shape, which helps it to quickly and easily set in the seabed.

Box anchors are typically made of high-strength steel and feature a series of blades that extend outward from the anchor body. These blades create a large surface area that helps the anchor to quickly set and hold in place. The blades also allow the anchor to quickly release from the seabed when it is time to move on.

One of the key advantages of a box anchor is its ability to hold a boat in place in a variety of conditions. The large surface area of the blades allows the anchor to dig into the seabed and hold fast, even in strong winds and currents. Additionally, box anchors are designed to be easy to set and retrieve, making them a popular choice among boaters.

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