DR01 Round Type Downrigger Weight


Art No.SizeTotal Length
DR01-1010 129 
DR01-1212 140 
DR01-1515 145 

A downrigger is a fishing tool used by anglers to help them catch fish at a specific depth. It consists of a spool of wire or cable that is attached to a boom which extends out over the side of a boat. The downrigger weight is attached to the end of the cable, and a fishing line with a lure or bait is attached to a release clip on the cable. The downrigger weight is then lowered to the desired depth by a crank or electric motor, and the fishing line follows it down to the desired depth. This allows anglers to fish at specific depths, which can be particularly useful when fishing for certain species of fish that tend to stay at specific depths. Once a fish is hooked, the downrigger weight is raised to bring the fish up to the surface. Downriggers are commonly used in freshwater and saltwater fishing.

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