AN21 Navy Anchor


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A navy anchor is a type of boat anchor that is typically used by naval ships, such as aircraft carriers, destroyers, and submarines. Navy anchors are designed to be very heavy and strong, capable of holding large ships in place even in the strongest winds and currents.

Navy anchors can come in several different shapes and sizes, including plow, fluke, and stockless designs. The most common design used on naval ships is the stockless anchor, which is named for its lack of a stock or crossbar. Stockless anchors are easier to stow on a ship and can be quickly deployed when needed. They typically weigh several tons and are made of high-strength steel.

In addition to their size and strength, navy anchors are also equipped with special features designed to help them hold a ship in place. These features can include flukes, which help the anchor dig into the seabed, and mechanical systems that allow the anchor to be raised and lowered quickly and easily.

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